BAP Meeting: Rekdal Hopkins Howard

Good morning fellow BAP goers! Our guest this week is a smaller CPA firm out of Bellevue, known for their work with privately held businesses and high-wealth individuals. You guessed it, it’s Rekdal Hopkins Howard! They will be here Thursday, November 16, at 6:30PM for a social half-hour, with the presentation beginning at 7PM. Per usual, the finest dining will be available to you, free of charge, as long as you’re wearing some fresh business casual.

BAP Meeting: Standish Management

Hello, hello! Happy Tuesday. Our meeting this week will feature Standish Management, a venture capital/private equity consulting firm with locations across the country! They’ll be here on Thursday, November 9th, at 6:30PM in CF115 to present and answer any questions you may have. As always, dress in business casual and feel free to scrap your dinner plans.

Additionally, while you’re here on the website, pay a visit to the “Other Opportunities” page. Here you will find some information and links for the latest job and internship openings, as well as a big scholarship opportunity!

Have a great week ahead!

BAP Meeting: Washington State Department of Revenue

Happy Halloween! I know you’re all excited about how much candy you’re going to get trick-or-treating tonight, but I have even better news. The Washington State Department of Revenue is coming to BAP this Thursday!

The WSDOR can be a great option for those of you who are or may be interested in working for government, and this Thursday is the perfect opportunity to learn more and network with WSDOR professionals. We’ll give you food, and all you have to do is show up to CF115 at 6:30PM in business casual.

(And best of luck on midterms!)

BAP Meeting: Falco Sult

Greetings ladies and gentlemen! This week, Beta Alpha Psi presents to you Falco Sult, a diverse firm operating out of Redmond. Falco Sult professionals will be here at 6:30PM on Thursday, October 26th, to talk about their non-traditional tax and accounting services and bring the perspective of a smaller firm. Business casual is your ticket in the door, and we’ll provide the grub. Have a great week!

BAP Meeting: Amazon

Hello everyone! Happy mid-October!

At this week’s meeting, our guest will diverge from standard public accounting and introduce you to the corporate world. Amazon is a rather unique and innovative corporate tank with so much accomplished and even further to go. The possibilities are endless and, if you’d like to be a part of it, they do have an application for their AFRP program due November 10th! 

Per usual, dress to impress in your sleekest business casual and, at minimum, you’ll get some free food out of the deal. Meeting begins at 6:30PM, Thursday, October 19th and will wrap up at about 8:00PM. See you there!

BAP Meeting: Peterson Sullivan


Good evening, my fellow BAP-meeting-goers. A couple items on the discussion agenda this week:

First of all, I’d like to issue a reminder that fall recruiting is coming to a close and there are only a few application due dates that have yet to pass! If you are looking for an internship or a full time position, please check the calendar and the Fall Recruiting tab under “Other Opportunities” for remaining — you guessed it — opportunities.

Our meeting this week is will pick back up on schedule in CF115 on Thursday at 6:30PM and will feature representatives from Peterson Sullivan as our guest speakers. Peterson Sullivan is a leading local firm based in Seattle that hosts a breadth of opportunities for accounting professionals across numerous industries. They also happen to have an application due this Friday, October 13th. For those interested in applying, this is a great chance to put your name out there and network with some of their team. And we’ll give you free food! Come dressed in business casual, and we’ll see you there!

Moss Adams Night & Meet the Professionals

Welcome to the second week of the new school year! I was very impressed by the turnout at last week’s meeting and I hope those who attended found it beneficial.

This week will be a deviation of the normal meeting schedule. First up, we have Moss Adams Night at the Bellingham Country Club on Thursday, October 5, from 6:30PM to 8:00PM. Registration for this event is now closed, but if you are attending, make sure to show up in your best business professional, with a smiling face, and be ready to network with some established Moss Adams professionals! Dinner will be provided, and we will also be doing BAP inductions during this time. Details about the venue can be found on the BAP calendar.

The second event this week will be Meet the Professionals on Friday, October 6, from 6:00PM to 9:30PM at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Seattle. Registration for this event is still open, and you can even buy tickets on Friday at the hotel! The student cost is just $30 and we will be accepting payments this week in PH Plaza from 11:00AM to 3:00PM–just look for the BAP banner. This the biggest networking event of the year and will provide you access to numerous professionals from a vast number of companies and public firms, so I would highly recommend going if you are (or will soon be) in the market for a job or internship! Come in your best business professional (yes, it can be the same outfit you’re wearing to Moss Adams Night) and get ready to schmooze.

One last reminder: if this is your candidacy quarter, you are required to attend at least ONE of these meetings this week, as we will not be having a regularly scheduled meeting on campus.

Have a great week!

BAP Meeting: Fall Recruiting Panel

Fall is coming! I would like to be the first to welcome you, my dear classmates, to another quarter and another school year of distinguished Beta Alpha Psi meetings.

First up, we have our Fall Recruiting Panel. As many of you who frequent your email undoubtedly already know, the deadlines for fall recruiting applications are fast approaching with many due within the first couple weeks of the quarter. Of course, the first step in completing these applications is knowing which firms to apply for! The Fall Recruiting Panel is your knight in shining armor. Here, you will be able to ask questions and hear from representatives of Clark Nuber, EY, KPMG, and Grant Thornton to make your life easier in, not only choosing who to apply for, but also in how to go about the application process.

You can find this meeting on September 28, 2017 in our usual spot: CF 115, at 6:30pm. Food will be provided and, being as it is the first meeting of the quarter, dress code is casual!

I hope you’re having a superb conclusion to the summer, and I wish you the utmost success in the new school year!

BAP Annual Bocce Ball Tournament!

Hi there, everyone! Can you believe we’re already almost half way through the summer? As promised, here is some more information regarding our Annual Bocce Ball tournament.

We will be meeting with fellow BAP members and participating firms on August 15th from 4PM to 8PM to play a game, eat some food, and catch up with friends and colleagues. As mentioned previously, we will be meeting at North Lynnwood Park. When you get there, find us at Picnic Shelter 1. The address and Google Map link can be found on the BAP calendar. 

If you don’t know how to play bocce ball…don’t worry! I don’t either. We can learn together. See you there!

Any questions can be directed to our VP, Brandon Cole.

Summer Update & First Meeting

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a great summer! Here’s a little mid-summer update for you about our upcoming event and first meeting of fall quarter.

Our annual Bocce Ball tournament will take place on Tuesday, August 15, 2017 at North Lynnwood Park. Come hang out and play a friendly game with fellow students and professionals! More information will be forthcoming–stay tuned.

Our first meeting of the quarter will be a Fall Recruiting Panel on Thursday, September 28, 2017. A tentative list of firms in attendance include Clark Nuber, Grant Thornton, KPMG, and EY. These firms will be there to explain and answer questions about the fast approaching fall recruiting process to help you better prepare for the applications and interviews. I would highly recommend attending if you plan on participating in fall recruiting, as this is valuable information from people with real insider experience. 

Have a great rest of your summer!

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