Vice President of Activities

Thomas J. Grant


The Vice President of Activities is responsible for organizing all Thursday night (and other professional) meetings. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Contacting potential sponsors and speakers
  • Setting dates
  • Writing both confirmation and thank you letters (for speakers and guests)
  • Arranging parking for on-campus meetings
  • Reserving locations for meetings
  • Ordering food for meetings

The Vice President of Activities is expected, after consultation with the President, to plan and schedule the meetings for the quarter prior to the start of that particular quarter. This information is to be summarized in the Statement of Objectives that is submitted (through the Reporting Secretary) to the Beta Alpha Psi National Office at the beginning of the academic year. The Vice President of Activities is also to provide the Volunteer and Publicity Coordinator with a schedule of the meetings, as well as any updates on a timely basis.