Jose RĂ­os-Sanchez


The Treasurer’s main function is to monitor the inflows and outflows of cash to Beta Alpha Psi. The duties of the Treasurer include, but are not limited to, maintaining the bank account of Beta Alpha Psi, keeping the books up to date, paying bills in a timely manner, sending billing notices when necessary. As part of the system of internal controls, the Assistant Treasurer, rather than the Treasurer, will perform the monthly balancing of the checkbook.

The Treasurer shall also prepare a Monthly Report of Receipts and Disbursements, including detail of sources of receipts and purposes of disbursements. This Report shall be made to the President, and attached to the minutes of the business meetings. The Treasurer shall create, at the beginning of each quarter, a Financial Plan for the Quarter (anticipated revenues and expenses) and a Projected Statement of Financial Position for the end of the quarter. The Treasurer shall also prepare Income Statements for Meet the Professionals Night and the Spring Banquet.

The Treasurer arranges for the internal audit of the Beta Alpha Psi chapter and prepares the chapter’s tax return (examples in Financial Reporting Guide).