Reporting Secretary

Samantha Dobler


The Reporting Secretary is responsible for reporting all chapter activities on the Beta Alpha Psi Reporting Intranet by the required reporting dates. This requires timely updating of the Chapter Reporting Workbook, at least monthly. All submissions must be reviewed by the Faculty Advisor prior to the mandatory due date.

The Reporting Secretary is to keep updated on other activities for which must be reported (such as the Tutoring Center, VITA, etc.) and make sure that complete reports are timely filed. At the beginning of the Fall Quarter, the Reporting Secretary is to prepare and submit the Beginning of the Year Report. The Reporting Secretary also coordinates all aspects of the End of the Year Report.

The Reporting Secretary will also keep track of activities and periodically inform the members and officers of the chapter’s progress with regard to baseline activities and superior status.

In addition, the Reporting Secretary supervises the candidate periods for all candidates. This includes entering candidates into the Reporting Intranet on a timely basis, and immediately providing the Treasurer with the resulting invoice for payment. The Reporting Secretary monitors the progress of all candidates, and communicates with them on a regular basis regarding candidate requirements.