Christopher Sowers


The President of Beta Alpha Psi is the overall coordinator of Beta Alpha Psi. He/she is responsible for the smooth running and coordination of the officers, meetings, and all other Beta Alpha Psi activities. The President presides over all meetings (including meetings of the Executive Committee). This includes any and all phases of preparation that are necessary to have an efficiently run meeting. It is helpful to have written agendas to insure that all topics in need of discussion are covered.

The President is also the liaison between Beta Alpha Psi and the Department of Accounting & College of Business and Economics. Therefore, the President is to keep the Faculty Advisor informed of the activities of Beta Alpha Psi on a weekly basis (at a minimum), while school is in session, and as frequently as is otherwise necessary.

Some of the qualities that are helpful in the position of President are:

  • Being able to “think on your feet”
  • Being able to take responsibility for the decisions you have made
  • Trusting in others to do a capable job
  • Being open to suggestions/requests made by others
  • Being able to “smooth ruffled feathers”
  • Being able to communicate, both orally and in writing

The President is also in charge of coordinating the Spring Banquet.