Volunteer and Publicity Coordinator

Darren Clingan



One officer serves in the dual roles of Publicity Officer and Volunteer Coordinator.

The Publicity Officer’s main job is that of communication. The Publicity Officer is responsible for making and posting weekly notices about the Thursday night meetings. These notices should be posted no later than Monday afternoon before a Thursday night meeting. Copies of the notices should also be placed in the “mailbox” of each faculty member, or emailed to faculty members. The Publicity Officer must maintain regular contact with the VP – Activities in order to post current information. The Publicity Officer is also responsible for making notices and large posters advertising upcoming special events and other Beta Alpha Psi activities.

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for setting up/scheduling volunteer activities for Beta Alpha Psi members and candidates, coordinating the involvement of Beta Alpha Psi members and candidates in these activities, and providing the Reporting Secretary with timely and complete information about volunteer activities.