MoneySense Coordinators

Program Coordinator

Kayla Bertholl

The Program Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the planning and implementation of all on-campus events and operations. Additional responsibilities include managing committee meetings and cooperating with committee members in order to achieve Money Sense goals. This individual must also incorporate new ideas from collaborators while continuing to grow the Money Sense program through feedback from students.

Secretary (Website)

The duties of the Secretary include recording minutes and taking notes during meetings. This individual is also responsible for updating and maintaining content related to Money Sense on the BAP website and any other promotional materials. The Secretary is responsible for any inquires of information on the website and will work with the Beta Alpha Psi Webmaster in this role.

Marketing Director

The Marketing Director’s main duty is to convey the program goals and increase program awareness through media outreach. This includes coordinating marketing efforts to reach students, working with dorms, generating advertisements and soliciting volunteers for announcements. The Marketing Director must also utilize new social networking tools to enhance marketing efforts.

Off-Campus Programs Coordinator

The Off-Campus Program Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the planning of all high school events and operations. The role includes cooperating with high school faculty to plan pertinent lessons that address student needs. The Coordinator must have the ability to present in high schools when other volunteers are unavailable and when a volunteer is presenting for the first time. The Coordinator should seek feedback from educators on past presentations and maintain a current list of high school faculty contacts.

Treasurer / Fundraising

Gaby Martinez

This role includes developing a program budget, maintaining expense reports and records of costs. The Treasurer must lead fundraising to support Money Sense through donations and grants and will work with the Beta Alpha Psi Treasurer to obtain funding and get proper authorization for program spending.


Event Coordinator

The Event Coordinator will be responsible for setting up dates, reserving rooms, ordering food, getting door prizes and recording attendance. The Event Coordinator must be able to communicate with multiple people at a time to ensure seminars run smoothly. The position requires maintaining regular contact with the Program Coordinator.