About MoneySense

Mission Statement

The Mission of Money Sense is to raise awareness for the need of personal financial literacy in high school and college students. Money Sense strives to prepare students for successful long term financial decision-making through college seminars and high school presentations.

Who We Are

Money Sense is a free program designed to teach students crucial concepts in personal finance.

  • Why?

    As students take the important steps toward living on their own and becoming self-sufficient, decision making plays a huge role in future success. Specifically, financial decisions heavily impact ones financial future. Money Sense aims to provide the tools necessary for students to make healthy financial decisions today to ensure financial success in the future.

  • How?

    To reach campus and community audiences, Money Sense holds a yearly seminar series focusing on topics of personal finance that most affect students. Seminars include free pizza, prizes, guest speakers, and more. See Events for more details.

Money Sense also aims to spread financial knowledge to younger students. To accomplish this goal, Money Sense volunteers visit local high school classes to teach personal finance lessons. Please Contact Us if you are interested in volunteering.