New Events!

The Money Sense Committee will be hosting three seminars on WWU’s campus spring quarter. Each seminar will feature a professional speaker covering an important personal finance topic. If you are interested in learning about essential financial issues, consider attending some of our seminars!

It’s Not Too Late to Get Involved

There are still plenty of opportunities to get involved in the Money Sense Committee. Joining a seminar presentation team is a great way to gain experience in managing projects, public speaking, and leadership roles. There are still officer positions available for those who are interested in taking on more responsibility and having a greater impact on the committee as a whole. Anybody experienced or interested in marketing would be a valuable asset to Money Sense since we are currently looking for new ways to reach out, expand, and fundraise for the committee. If you are interested in getting involved either with the group or sponsoring, do not hesitate to sit in on one of our meetings or seminars to see if this is an organization you would like to become a part of.